nickolas Duarte. Nickolas Duarte is a film, commercial and series writer/director. He runs the production company Crown Chimp in Tucson, AZ and is represented for national ad work by Derby Content out of New York City, NY. He’s earned some awards and made some films. You can check more of his stuff out here. Nick lives in Tucson, AZ with his beautiful and highly intelligent wife Brittany, stupid and deaf dog Buzz, a couple cats, and an awesome rabbit.

Writer / Director / Owner


drew Grubich. Drew has always been eclectic- Actor. Writer. Producer. Artist. He has a wide range of talents and experience. He started with a passion for acting and found an outlet in improv. He moved to Chicago then LA and has done over 1000 live shows. He is a veteran of the Second City Conservatory Chicago, and worked with The Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, and the The Steppenwolf Theater. Drew utilizes his improv skills and only-child creativity in unique ways to generate new content and ideas as a member of Crown Chimp for the past eight years. As a producer he (tries his best) to live by the simple code “do good work and be nice to people.” Which usually works out well.

Writer / Producer


margoth Barrera. By immersing herself in different aspects of production such as commercials, reality and short films, Margoth has acquired a well rounded experience that has lead her to become Crown Chimp’s producer. With an affinity for both the creative and business side of the industry she has been able to succeed in many roles. In addition to producing work for big clients such as SONY, eBay, BMW Allsteel and big name artists, Margoth has worked for shows airing on majors networks like CBS, NBC, and FOX. Her longest run was on the show Big Brother for 7 years, working as a casting coordinator and production manager. On a personal level, she believes in leadership that is based on professionalism, collaborative effort, and a positive, friendly and uplifting attitude.

Producer / Writer

frank Armendarez. As the most recent addition to Crown Chimp, Frank brings a unique set of skills to the company. He is a former Golden Gloves Champion and Arizona State Alumni who has established himself as a jack of all trades. His experience as a young man in South Tucson provide an authentic point of view to the often rough and brutal way of life in what was recently labeled “The most dangerous small town in the USA” After a career ending injury in boxing, he found his true calling and passion in filmmaking and has been an integral part of Crown Chimp as both a writer and producer.

Writer / Director / Producer / Editor

sonia Campbell. Sonia Campbell started working in independent film as an FX and special makeup artist, due to her love of horror and fantasy genres. She eventually began writing and producing, while occasionally taking on small parts, composing, and other tasks that came along with independent filmmaking. Since 2006, she’s had various credits on 28 short films and 7 feature films. She first met Nickolas Duarte at a short film showcase and offered to help out as a makeup artist as needed. With over a decade of experience in the field of marketing and promotions as well, Sonia was able to lend more skills to the company and joined Crown Chimp as a producer. Now she is writing within the company, handling Crown Chimp social media, moderating the Crown Chimp podcasts.

Producer / Writer