Interview with Filmmaker Alex Cox


Hey it’s me, Sonia Campbell – Associate Producer/Writer with Crown Chimp.  I recently scored an interview with cult hero Alex Cox.  Check it out!


You may be cool, but you’ll never be director/writer/actor Alex Cox cool.  The prolific director of iconic, cult classics REPO MAN and SID & NANCY,  co-writer of FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, documentarian of Akira Kurosawa (and the list goes on) is now releasing his latest film, TOMBSTONE RASHOMON.  The world premiere takes place this November at the Loft Film Fest.

Shot at Old Tucson Studios, TOMBSTONE RASHOMON uses the classic story-telling method inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s RASHOMON, with 5 different versions of the Gunfight at O.K. Corral in Tombstone.  The majority of the cast are Arizona locals.


Also involved in this project is Visual Effects Supervisor & Producer Phil Tippet, known for his amazing work in STAR WARS, EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, INDIANA JONES & THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, ROBO COP, STARSHIP TROOPERS and more.   Further info and updates on the project can be found HERE.

Alex was gracious enough to grant me an interview.  Check it out!


  1. What is the most challenging part of directing to you? And what’s the most rewarding?

AC:  Most challenging? Finding the money!  Most rewarding? Watching the actors turn the script into reality, and then editing the result!

  1. Do you ever get writers’ block when working on a screenplay? If so, how do you combat it?

AC:  Never.  I know it must sound weird but I am in a constant creative ferment and writing has never been a problem – I learned when I was 3 and got adept at it and love it – the downside is that not all of it is good! Maybe writers’ block has a purpose in that the bad stuff gets stymied yet the good stuff still makes it through…

  1. What’s the best compliment you’ve received about your work? What’s the worst thing anyone’s said about your work?

AC:  Iggy Pop said I was his hero. I couldn’t wish for a better compliment, even though he was probably only funning.  Worst? I don’t know. I only remember the good stuff. Did I tell you Iggy said I was his hero?

  1. What have been your favorite film(s) of 2016 so far (and why)?

AC:  LA DICTADURA PERFECTA by Luis Estrada – a Mexican political comedy. Very funny, very true.

  1. You’ve made films that have stood the test of time, become cult classics and all-time favorites to tons of fans. What do you think it is about your work that’s enabled that to occur?

AC:  Maybe some of my early films remind people of when they were punks, stayed out all night, did drugs, and listened to decent music. But that’s just a guess…

Repo Man

  1. Do you already know what you’re working on next?

AC:  Not yet. If I’m really lucky I’ll come back to Tucson next year to make a film noir called DUST STORM.