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Commercials and Stories Part Two

The continuation of thoughts on story, ads, and why we should care about making things that matter more than the half a minute it’s on the screen.

To summarize:

Make something good.

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We make films. Also commercials. Sometimes the two come together in a magical place in the Vin Diagram we call “Branded Content”.  vinTo be honest, a lot of people call it that. I made it sound like it’s something we made up. We didn’t. But we like it. Here’s some things:

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Rare Magic

Right now I am sitting in a tree house.
At a big octagon wooden table in a house with a pretty princess bedroom with pink bunk beds.
And a couch with thirteen- yes, actually thirteen- pillows on it.

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Going Going.

Back Back. To Hollywood.

Frank, Nick and Drew are packing up and headed back out to LA. When? Next week! Why? Because of awesome things, that’s why. What are you guys doing again? You have so many questions! Who do I look like, Neil deGrasse Tyson?

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Why wake up Nick screaming on a car trip? Because that’s how Nick always wakes up. Screaming.

One thing you probably didn’t know: we all enjoy being jerks to each other. Nice to everyone else, for sure. But really. It’s probably our favorite hobby. Making fun of everyone (looking at you, matching Vans and Hat), provoking one another to the point of rage, and just generally being like bully brothers. Despite this, we manage to make some great stuff.

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